An off-road lesson and the feeling of freedom.

This is a special day for me today! The first time in my life that I get to ride on a really long dirt road! I have had few short opportunities to enjoy dirt roads on my GS in Italy and a first small stretch here in Laos on the first day out of Vientiane but no more than a few kilometres.

This morning I feel confident and relaxed, and I trust Eric and his team to help me pass this first test. I can’t wait to hit the dust! We start the stage with a short 90 km of winding road through mountain jungle again, and then in a tiny small village Eric stops his motorbike at the beginning of what looks like a small local track.

He explains to me few tricks and fundamental rules for dirt riding and enjoying complicity with my GS. One good drink of fresh water and we start the adventure. Very soon we are already in another world, like riding on a white snake lying on the edge of the mountain top. We cruise like easy boys. I keep enough torque up my sleeve to be able to respond to any surprise, hole, mud, sand trap…
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