The two faces of Laos and an unusual encounter.

I had strange dreams last night and my head is full of emotions. I get up early with the team today and take off at 7.00 from Vientiane heading north, out of town.

The traffic here is unbelievable, thousands of people on small motorbikes with no helmet, holding their babies or young children on their knees moving in all directions in utter chaos. This truly is a new world for me. We leave the main road outside town and ride on my first dirt road here on red soil, through rice fields where Laotians are working hard.

We head through the dust clouds produced by local tractors and small truck traffic. Then it’s time to open the throttle and thrill my ears with the powerful sounds of the new Bavarian twin engine. The track is full of potholes and in Enduro mode, I feel it is extremely easy to stand up and take on all these dirt road obstacles with a grin on my face …

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